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Profile for: Guy Nathan
Born: 16th September 1976
Known Aliases: Cyberwlf, Cybes
Pets: Brown Burmese Cat

Location: Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Current Age: 27
Other Aliases: Cybes, Jagz, Jaguar Speed
Email: Click here



  1. Going to Outdoor and the occasional Indoor Dance Parties
  2. Going to Gigs/Concerts
  3. Seeing Movies
  4. Using the Internet (talking, surfing the web, etc)
  5. Reading
  6. Writing
  7. Shopping for music/computer gear
  8. Hanging around with friends
  9. Partying
  10. Talking on the phone
  11. Web Design
  12. Going to Theatrical performances / some Musicals


  1. Music (including the following genres: Psychedelic/Goa Trance, Alternative, New Age Metal, 80s / early 90s Rock, 90s Metal, Gothic, Tech-Industrial, Electronica, Techno, Some (Tech/Hard/Progressive) Trance, Some Progressive/Deep House, Ambient, Breakbeat, Acid Trance, Acid Techno, Acid House, Orchestral, Jazz, Acid Jazz, TripHop

  2. Computers (Web Design, Flash Production, Multimedia Design, Chatting on IRC, Chatting on ICQ, Surfing the Web, Desktop Publishing, Broadcasting my music show via the net, Producing Music Compilations, Playing the occasional game, Listening to music, watching Scene Demos, working in Paint Packages and Image Processing Packages to design pictures, writing music, and more)

  3. Reading (Magazines: AmigaActive (R.I.P.), Computer Music; Street Press Publications: 3D World, Brag, Drum Media; On-line News sites; SciFi Books; Newspaper: Sydney Morning Herald)

  4. Writing (Articles, Reviews, Poetry, Stories)

  5. Outdoor Activities (Basketball, Bush Walks)

  6. Travelling (in Australia, and overseas)

Top 10 Bands:

  1. TOOL
  2. Deftones
  3. Fear Factory
  4. A Perfect Circle
  5. The Tea Party
  6. Shihad
  7. Powderfinger
  8. Placebo
  9. Rage Against the Machine
  10. Faith No More


(My Old) Top 10 Electronic Acts:

  1. BT
  2. Hallucinogen
  3. Astral Projection
  4. Groove Armada
  5. Propellerheads
  6. Sonic Animation
  7. The Prodigy
  8. Leftfield
  9. B(if)tek
  10. Massive Attack

Top 10 DJs:

  1. Richard Ahlberg
  2. Ozzy
  3. Olli Wisdom/Space Tribe
  4. Franny
  5. Luke Psywalker
  6. Tristan
  7. Raptor
  8. Rashka
  9. Drooid
  10. Manuel


NOTE: These lists were not compiled in order of preference.


  1. Web Design (Hand written HTML, Javascript, Dreamweaver (2/3/4 and MX))
  2. Flash (4/5 and MX) Development
  3. Fireworks (4 and MX)
  4. Internet Technical Support (Macintosh, Windows, Amiga)
  5. Multimedia Development (Macromedia Director 5/7/8)
  6. Computer Sales
  7. General Retail Sales
  8. PC Installations
  9. C Programming
  10. Computer Data Entry



  1. Leadership
  2. Team Work
  3. User Documentation
  4. Customer Service
  5. Merchandising
  6. Computer Advice
  7. Professional Retail Selling
  8. Researching
  9. Setting up and configuring Computers


Courses Cyberwlf has studied:

  • 2002 Full-time Certificate 4 Information Technology: Web Site Production (TAFE)

  • 1999 Full-time Certificate 3 and 4 of Multimedia and Digital Production (JMC Academy)

  • 1998 Part-time Computer Graphic Design Technical Skills Course

  • 1996 Full-time Advanced Certificate of Info. Technology (C Programming) (TAFE)

  • 1995-97 Full-time Diploma of Business (UTS and TAFE)

  • 1994 HSC (Including Computing/Business Studies/Film & Video Editing) at Vaucluse High School

Some other things Cyberwlf has done:

Computer setup:

  1. Amiga 4000, 14gb HDD, 28mb ram, 040/25mhz, Plextor FastSCSI2 8x2x20 CD-RW, Sunrize AD516 16bit soundcard, DKB 3128 128mb RAM Expansion, VLab Video Capture card, CyberVision64 4mb, MFC3 Highspeed Serial/Parallel card, A2065 Ethernet controller, GVP SCSI Controller with RAM Controller, SCSI External Zip Drive, 2nd Disk Drive, Kickstart 3.1, OS 3.1, 15" Hyundai Multisync Monitor, GVP DSS8+ Sampler, ScanMagic+ External ScanDoubler with FlickerFixer, HP ScanJet5p SCSI Scanner, AGA.

  2. Amiga 1200, 030/30mhz, 34mb ram, Kickstart 3.1, Silversurfer High speed Serial card, 2.5 to 3.5" Adapter cable, 40mb hdd, AGA, OS 3.1.

  3. Amiga 2000, A2091 SCSI + RAM Controller, GVP 030/25Mhz with RAM Controller, 10mb RAM, Kickstart 3.1, 170mb SCSI HDD, 4x SCSI2 CD-ROM Drive, ECS, OS 3.1.

  4. Amiga 600, 030/33mhz, 17mb RAM, Kickstart 3.1, ECS, OS 3.1.

  5. Amiga 500, SCRAM 500 SCSI/RAM Controller, 3mb fast, 1mb chip, Kickstart 1.3/2.04, Kickstart ROM Switcher, OCS+.

  6. Amiga CD32 Stock, AGA, 2mb chip RAM.

  7. Amiga 1000 with RAM Expansion Sidecar, OCS.

  8. Amiga 4000, 18mb ram, Kickstart 3.1, AGA, Non working Zorro3 slots.

  9. Sony Playstation, Dual Shock/Analogue Controller, Standard Controller

  10. Sony Playstation 2, 2 Controllers, DVD Remote

  11. Commodore 64

  12. PowerMac G4/400, 1gb ram, FastSCSI2 Adapter 2096 card, ATi Radeon, 90gb HDD.

  13. Other hardware: External SCSI 5.14 inch Box, 15 PPM Postscript Laser Printer, Colour Canon BubbleJet, few IDE CD-ROM and HDDs, PowerComputing PowerScanner V4 B/W, Alfa-Data AT 2008 IDE Controller, Dataflyer 4000SX SCSI Controller, Commodore Tape Streamer Drive, and dead Cybervision64 4mb/Oktagon2008/GVP IO Controller card, and half dead Rapidfire Z3.

Amiga-related Background:

An Amiga user for around 11 or so years now. Started off like most as 'just' a games player for the first year or so, but after a short enough time graduated on to using shells ;), and from there things took off!

Spent over 5 years in the Australian modem 'scene' being co-sysop of many local Bulletin Board Systems, running a point (refer: Fidonet), writing articles for electronic disk magazines such as Cydonia`s Defy, uploading and downloading plentiful amounts of files ;), writing countless amounts of messages, and more! During this time I also wrote an article for the Australian/New Zealand Amiga Print publication called OZAmiga.

As well as everything else I did during my time in the BBS 'scene' I also started several unreleased at the time programs including a text editor, a configurable quiz tester with user and quiz master versions of the program, a simple text adventure game, a german tutor which was to be released commercially, but due to losing the source code about half way through development, development of the german tutor ceased there.

Around the end of 1994 I connected up to the Internet, and became part of the Internet 'scene', being a regular IRC user and leeching plentiful amounts of Aminet, participating in IRC Conferences with 'famous' Amiga people on matters concerning the Amiga.

At the end of 1994 I took a visit to the UK in which I had a chance to visit the now defunct Commodore UK head quarters, and had a chance to meet up and have a meeting with David Pleasance (head of Commodore UK at the time), Mr Summers, and other Commodore UK staff. As well, on my visit I got to check out the unreleased Commodore CD1200 External Cd-ROM drive. You can check out pictures of my visit to Commodore UK here.

Back on IRC after my visit to the UK, I returned to the channel where I was a regular of efnet's #Amiga channel (where the now infamous ex-bot Mama resided), I then moved on to Undernet, and ended up moving across to Starting off on the channel #Amiga there, but after a while I created the channel #AmigaZone which has been running ever since (now over 4 years old!), a channel I still run to this day. It has become the central point for Amiga users on IRC in Australia, but has overseas users as well. Before starting #AmigaZone, and back while I was on Undernet, I started an AmIRC script called Cybeonix (also spelt as Cyboenix by some), which I then collaborated with another Amigan to transform it into a fully fledged multi-purpose AmIRC utility/script, which remained the most used AmIRC script for the Amiga IRC client till Kuang(another multi-purpose script/utility) took off.

During my time on efnet #Amiga i associated with the editors of the on-line industry Amiga publications, Amiga Report, Amiga Monitor and Amiga Link, of which I also wrote for at times. Since moving to and setting up #AmigaZone i came about finding myself a role writing in Australia's National Amiga print publication, Australian Amiga Gazette. And through this publication I also helped with the co-ordination of the 1997 Sydney Australian Amiga show. At this Industry trade show I represented the international Amiga Developers body known as the ICOA, and presented a speech at the show for them. As well as this I also contributed articles to Australian Amiga User Groups publications, including Tasmania`s `Discovery` Amiga newsletter.

Between 1997 and 1998 I worked on what became known as the Australian Amiga Retailers and Distributors survey, a comprehensive guide to what Amiga companies existed in Australia, what they sold, contact details, and other related information.

Since that time I have also helped with the co-ordination and promotion of the visit of Amiga International`s National visit around Australia, of Mr Petro Tsychenko.

As well as all this is my Amiga web site, Cyberwlf`s Amiga Domain, an information resource for Amiga users.

Examples of some articles I have written for Amiga publications:

Things I have released on to Aminet (the main Amiga Software Archive):

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