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 Government Secret Portfolio: 35018/93272 - Operation: Hidden Agenda
 Known Aliases: Pushy, Putch
 Real Name: Putchka
 Birth name: Amarah Musical Arpeggio
 Sex: Female
 Age: Currently 6 Years Old
 Birth Day: 31st July
 Location: Sydney, AUSTRALIA
 Other known Information: Brown Burmese

Known Crimes:
Sleeping on-top of the computer monitor, sleeping on Cyberwlf's lap, stepping over the keyboard while trying to type, following the pointer around the screen, chasing towels or blankets like they were mice, sneaking into peoples beds unsuspectingly during the night.

Known Talents:
Purring, meowing, consuming food meant for OTHER people (whether it be other household members or the dogs), sneaking into places she's not supposed to be, co-operating with the dog in covert operations of stealing food from tables even when wrapped up, bringing in dead birds or mice, bringing up on peoples beds to leave them a nice thing to walk in or wake up to.

Aquired Hardware:
Any warm object she wishes to sleep on or near.

Known Hangouts:
Sunny spots of the house, other peoples roofs, beds, under blankets.

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