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Cybeonix - What is it?

It's an idea, and to be honest, one which came around by chance one day. The goal? Porting UNIX's IRC-II Scripts to AmIRC. The reason? Well here there are several including the fact I used to be a hardcore IRC-II user running all the IRC-II scripts I liked and when I went to AmIRC I didnt have that and missed the power of it all and so with this script regain some of the power I miss.

Cybeonix Kick:

This script is in NO way associated with or related to |Paladin|'s excellent port of IRC-II script Phoenix, currently in progress. All my script does is kick people from a variety of available kicks in this script, nothing more. No protection, customized VERSION response, etc. I don't know how to do that and as I stated this is my first attempt, and due to the bitterness it caused between me and Paladin, one who prior to that I had been friendly with I doubt any future scripts will appear by me. I had an annoy.irc port in progress and about 1/2 done, but unless Paladin is willing to read my script to see that I didn't rip anything like he accused me of, I will never finish this script. RipDaShit is responsible for Cyboenix which does integrate this script for SkatterKicks, but the rest was in no way written by me. I'm including this here to clear up the situation hopefully. As I got a copy of his early early version of AmIRC Phoenix which was compressed and the likes and didn't include anything my script does, yet his still convinced otherwise. Anyone who compares pkicks.irc and my script will notice the similarities in it, and if Paladin ever releases his script, compare it to mine and see everything it has in common, is anything which is common in any AmIRC script, nothing more.

Well currently this is nothing but a slighty enhanced dump of the .readme file

Short:    Port of PKick.irc (SplatterKick) for AmIRC
Uploader: (Guy Nathan)
Author: (Guy Nathan)
Type:     comm/tcp
Requires: AmIRC (also available in comm/tcp)
Version:  Release 0.1

                 Cyberwlf presents his first AmIRC/Arexx script.

                   [ Cybeonix Add-on - Cybeonix Kicker V0.1 ]
                 Copyright  Cyberwlf 1996. All Rights Reserved.
                           Date Created: 25th May 1996.

              This program is freely distributable but it is Op-Ware.
              (Where if you use it, you op me if I'm in the channel!)

You may NOT alter this script/program in anyway what so ever, without
written permission (email will do) from me.

If you include this on any magazine coverdisks or the like I ask you
to please e-mail me first saying your doing so. (As I like to know what
happens with this script ;))


This program is a near-as-I-can port of the IRC-II script pkick.irc to AmIRC V1.1 (and probably most other version of this also). pkicks.irc is by Vassago Ryan Addams and is an 'add-on' for his script Phoenix, which at time of release is upto 2.28. This is where most of this script comes from.

Its purpose is more fun than anything else. Also good for kicking people you don't like, and make it amusing for the rest of the channel at the same time. So sit back, enjoy, and all things like that. It should be noted this is my first public AmIRC script and my first real IRC-II port.

Additional Acknowledgements:

Teac/WildWong - For letting me test a variety of kicks on them
                while developing it
pluke/2bad/Carcass - Helping me with the Random routine
2bad/Carcass - Bug fixing
2bad - For his exec.amirx script which taught me how to use
       the 'say', 'echo', and command passing commands.

Future Stuff:

Well i'd like to say i'll realise heaps of stuff all the time, easier said than done! But I will be looking through other IRC-II Scripts i have here, and seeing if I can port them with my limited knowledge (which will expand somewhat progressively :).

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