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Australian ISP's:

Name: Adventurers Realm
Location: Sydney
EMail: Click here to email
Phone: (02) 809-3148

Name: World Reach
Location: Sydney
EMail: Click here to email
Phone: (02) 436 3588

Name: Australian Internet Company
Location: Syndey
EMail: Click here to email
Phone: (02) 231 2211
(Supports AmigaOS3.x Machines Also)

Name: Zip Australia
Location: Sydney
EMail: Click here to email
Phone: (02) 482 7015

Name: First Link Internet Services
Location: Sydney
EMail: Click here to email
Phone: (02) 873 3577

Name: RealNet
Location: Sydney
EMail: Click here to email
Phone: (02) 212-4900

Name: Dragon Net
Location: Sydney
EMail: Click here to email
Phone: (02) 363 9432

Name: Connect Infoban Australia
Location: Sydney
EMail: Click here to email
Phone: (02) 566 2720

Name: ACAY Network Computing Pty Ltd
Location: New South Wales
EMail: Click here to email
Phone: (02) 411 7340

Name: Name: magNET
Location: Sydney/Melbourne
EMail: Click here to email
Phone: (02) 361 0600, (03)9855 2644

Name: NetSpace Online Systems
Location: Sydney/Melbourne
EMail: Click here to email
Phone: (02) 669-3444, (03) 9899-3445

Name: Sprint Online
Location: Melbourne
EMail: Click here to email
Phone: (03) 9427-9996

Name: Labyrinth Connections
Location: Melbourne
EMail: Click here to email
Phone: (03) 9483-4930

Name: InterDomain
Location: Melbourne
EMail: Click here to email
Phone: (03) 9686-6000

Name: OZEmail
Location: Most of Australia
EMail: Click here to email
Phone: 1800 805 874 (Free)

Name: DIALix
Location: National
EMail: Click here to email
Phone: (02) 9948-6918, (03) 9562-2399, (06) 251-3811, (07) 3889-0799, (08) 231-6822, (09) 244-3233

Australian Internet Design Places:

Internet/Web Design/Multimedia courses
Phone: (02) 212 4580

On-Line Financial Institutions:

Australian Banks Web Pages:
Commonwealth Bank
National Australia Bank
Advance Bank
ANZ Bank
State Bank NSW
St George Bank

Australian Financial Institutions:
Australian Stock Exchange
Sydney Futures Exchange
Australian Financial Review (Finance-based real Newspaper)
National Mutual
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT) (Huge Finance Firm)
Legal and General
Kylnveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KMPG) (Has Accounting/Business Advice)
Pont Securities (Has 10% Discount on brokerage fees via EMail)
WebLink Stock Info - Covers 1200 Stock Prices on end-of-day prices
Gerry Pauley's Australian Stock and Shares (Full of Info.)

Other Financial Institutions:
MasterCard's Web Page (Has useful Info on Web Shopping)
Visa's Web Page
DigiCash (A safe way to spend cash on the Net)

Web Search Engines:

Alta Vista search engine

The WebCrawler search engine

The Lycos search engine

The Yahoo search engine

Savvy Search Engine

Open Text Search Engine

Infoseek Search Engine

Cyberhopper Search Engine
The Bloody Big Search Engine (Combines 24 into 1)
Meta Search (Combines all search engines into one)
Meta Crawler search engine
Web Wombat Search engine (for Australian web pages only)
Australian Internet Directories
The Whole Internet Catalogue

Search for E-Mail Addresses:
Four11 E-Mail White Page Directory
Internet Address Finder
NetFind Search
Alta Vista can also be used to find E-Mail Addresses

Other Searching Tools:

Deja News (Usenet Newsgroup Search Utility)

FTP Search
Australian Yellow Pages
Australian White Pages
International Phone Directory

GIF Image Locator

On-Line Academic Resources:

Board of Studies (NSW/Australia) Page
Department of Education Australia
Information on Australia (History,Geography,etc)
Information on New Zealand (History,Geography,etc)
Database of Australian Writers
The Australian Ballet (History)
Australian Film Commisions Web Page
New South Wales Fire Brigades
Fact Sheet on House and Building fires
A Web site dedicated to Philosophers
Auckland WebMuseum - Maori Collection
Holocaust Studies - Hitler & Nazism
SC ETV Holocaust Education Forum
Australian Human Resources Institute (Human Resources Information)
Society for Human Resource Management (Human Resources News and Info)
HR Headquaters (Human Resources Q&A's)
Australian Bereau of Statistics
Links to Law and Copyright related Information

On-Line Galleries/Museums:

NASA's Photo Gallery
Spike's Museum of Contemporary Art Web Site
La Trobe University Art Museum
Scope Gallery, Melbourne
Microscapes: The Australia Collection (Updated regularly)
Alchemy Gallery Focused on Australian Artists
The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
Monet - the Cyberspace Gallery
Krannert Art Museum
WebMuseum (Paris, France)
The Andy Warhol Museum
Leonardo da Vinci Museum
Musee National D'Histoire et D'Art (Luxemburg Museum)
Le Musée Bibliothèque Pierre André Benoit (Luxemburg Museum)
Historical Museum of Crete
Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil (Mexican Museum)
The Official Salvador Dali Museum World Wide Web Site
Newtek's Lightwave Gallery (Rendered Art)

On-Line News Services and Australian Newspapers:

Australian Newspapers:
Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper
Sydney Morning Herald's Computer Section (latest computer industry news)
'The Age' Newspaper
Australian Financial Review

On-Line News Services:
CNN's Main Page
CNN World News Main Page
NBC's News Page
ABC's News Page
C|Net Online (Computer Industry News
Worldwide Newspapers on the Net
MMWire (News service for new Media and Interactive Prof.)

On-Line Magazines: (some are also print magazines)

Electronic version of TIME(tm) Magazine
HotWired's Suck page (Beware)
Wood & Wire (Music Enthusiasts Electronic-Zine)
FiX - UK E-Magazine
Crank (Underground Net Mag)
Cake Magazine On-line (Another Net Mag)
suck E-Zine
internet.au (Australian Internet Mag)

The Trading Post - No.1 Australian Print Classifieds
Adelaide Net Trader - Australian Internet Only Classifieds
Fairfax Market - On-Line Australian Classifieds (from S.M.H.)
Newsclassifieds - Australian site which claims 200,000 new ads weekly

Movie/TV/Pay TV and Communications:

Movie Theatres and Movie Festivals:
Greater Union (Australian Cinema Chain)
Hoyts Australia (Australian Cinema Chain)
Village Australia (Australian Cinema Chain)
Australian Film Commisions Web Page
Australian Film Institute
The Sydney Film Festival
The Melbourne Film Festival Web Page
Film Festivals on the WWW

Movie Producers:
MCA/Universal Studio's Cyberwalk Web Page
MGM/United Artists Studio's Web Page - 'The Lion's Den'
Paramount Pictures Online Studio
Disney Studio's Web Page

Independence Day's Web Page
TrainSpotting Web Page
2001 - A Space Oddesy Unofficial Web Site
Jurassic Park Home Page

Movie Resources:
Cinema Connection - Cinema related links
Oscar's Web Page - Pixs,Speeches,etc from Oscars
Internet Movie Database - Huge searchable database
MovieWeb - Online Cinema Guide
The RM Movie Page
Hollywood Online
The Cult Shop
Jeff's Movie Page
Starting Point - Entertainment
film.com - Movie Resource
LA Times (Insiders behind the scene look at Hollywood)
The Hollywood Reporter (Same as previous link)

TV Shows:
The X-Files Official Site
Babylon5 Unofficial Web Page
Star Trek: Voyager Unoffical Web Page
Startrek Generations Page
Seinfeld Home Page
Hudson Street Home Page
Married... With Children
The Nanny
Ned and Stacey Home Page
Party of Five Home Page
Melrose Place Home Page
The Beavis and Butt-Head Extravaganza Web Page
The Horror Haven (Lots of Info. on Horror Movies/Shows)

PayTV Networks:
Australian PayTV Network 'Galaxy'
Australian PayTV Network 'Optus Vision'
Australian PayTV Network 'Foxtel'
Australian PayTV Network SBS-PayTV
Discovery Channel On-Line

Vodafone Australia (Digital Mobile Phone Service)
Motorola's Home Page

General Entertainment Links:

Australian Only:
FirstCall's Home Page (Details of events around Sydney)
EventNet Home Page (Details of events around Australia)
EventNet - Concerts in Sydney
EventNet - Sydney Opera House Event Info
The Australian Ballet
Australian Museums Information System
The State Rail Authoritys (NSW) Page

Music Links:

International Underground Music Archive (Huge Music Archive)
Music Boulevard (On-line Music Resource/Mall)
hEARd Magazine (Music Bands Magazine)

Live's Web Page
Live from York, PA
DST's: Official, Unofficial Pearl Jam Home Page
Pearl Jam Web Page
Soundgarden Offical Page
The Soundgarden Rusty Cage
The Unofficial Smashing Pumpkins Homepage
The Smashing Pumpkins Web Site

Nine Inch Nail's Home Page
Official iNsuRge Web Site
The Beatles Home Page

Kate Bush's Home Page
Tokyo Ghetto Pussy's Home Page
Rick Dees American Top 40 Home Page
The Vital Site (Features: Radiohead, Babylon Zoo, Skin Anansie, Blur, Supergrass)
WildFM Web Site with Radio on-line (Sydney Radio station)

Sports Links:

National Basketball Associations (NBA) Web Page
Australian Rugbly League (ARL) Associations' Web Page - Includes latest ARL news/history also!
Sydney Swan's (AFL) Home Page
The Manic's WWF Home Page
Sports Zone
Australian Sports Commission (Includes profiles of Australian Olympic Teams)
World Rally Championship
FIFA's Web Site (Soccer)
Carling Premiership (Soccer)
International Squash Federation Home Page
World Superbike Race Series Web Page
4 Wheel Drive Rallying Home Page

Olympic Related Links: The Olympic Movement Home Page (Home of Olympics - Includes online Olympic Museum)
The Official 1996 Olympic Web Site
CNN The Olympic Games (In-depth daily coverage of events)
Olympics on NBC (Has alot of facts and figures)
News Interactive's Olmympic '96 Web Site (Includes official Handbook)
Quick Guide to Atlanta '96
Britannica Sporting Record: The Olympic Games (An archive of every game since 1896)
1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics
Nagona Olympic Winter Games 1998
Sydney 2000 Olympic Site (Our site for our 2000 Olympics)
Salt Lake City Winter Games 2002

Car/Car Manafacturing Links:

Ferrari's Page
Porsche Cars North America
BMW's Page
Mercedes-Benz Page
Jaguar Vehicle's Page
Lamborghini's Page
Lotus's Page

General Motors Page
Ford's Page
Toyota Australia's Page
Toyota Starlet Web Page
Mitsubishi Motor's Page
Nissan's Page
SAAB's Page
Subaru's Page
Lexus's Page
Hyundai's Page
Fiat's Page
Honda's Page
Audi's Page
Jeep's Page
Volkswagen's Page
Lancia's Page
Suziki's Page
Volvo Australia
Citroen Page
Cadillac's Page
Mini's Page

Harley Davidson's Web Page
Ducati Support Page

Goodyear Tyres Home Page
Unique Auto Mall - Car Trading Mall
The Motor Web - Web Resource on Cars

Electronic Travelling/Travellers Guides:

Virtual Tourist
Qantas - Australian International Airline (Includes Arrival/Depature times)
Loney Planet's Destination: Australia Web Page
Australis (Web Page orientated to Australian links)
Paris Pages (See the sites and info on Paris)
Turkey Travel Guide
Travel Web - Database of over 7,000 Hotels with details

CyberCafe Links:

These are normal Cafe's which offer Internet usage
while there. If you run a CyberCafe or know of one
which isn't here, email
me about it.

CyberCafe (Victoria/Australia)

Computer Related Links:

Some of these links aren't always just for one platform
Cyberwlf's Amiga Domain
Sony PlayStation Homepage
Jeff's Playstation Cheat Page
Playstation cheat codes & more Page
Sony PlayStation Cheats

Apple Australia's Home Page
Motorola's Home Page
Sun Microsystems (makers of SunOS)

Netscape's Home Page
International PGP Home Page
Internet Society of Australia's Home Page
DTP Internet Jumplist
Sito's IRC Info and IRC Scripts Web Page

Hacker/Hacking Related Links:

The Hacker Crackdown (Well known)
So you wanna be a hacker eh? (Beginners Guide)
DEFCON - Premier Hacker Conference
Hacker/Paranoia Page
Phrack Magazine (Well known Hackers Mag)
2600 - THE Hackers Magazine
Acid Burn - Learn to Mail bomb, Hack, etc

Copyright and Law Information:

Electronic Frontier Foundation
Electronic Frontier Foundations FTP Site
Copyright FAQ
The 'Lectric Law Library's Lawcopedia on Intellectual Property
Copyright Law Examined
Copyright Law Committee (Australia) submission details
Australian Legal Index
Communications Law Centre of Australia

Law Resources - Australia
Cyber rights and Criminal Justice
CyberLaw and CyberLex Newsletters (Educational Service)
Law Enforcement (Police) Web Page
Justice Information Centre (USA)

International PGP Home Page

Environment/Conservation/Human Rights Protectors Links:

Green Peace (World-Wide Environmental Organisation)
Amnesty International (Protects Human Rights Worldwide)
Planet Ark (Full of Environmental Info/News/etc)

Australian Insurance:

Australian Insurance company NRMA's page

Wierd Links:

Papermoon Informer - like the National Enquirer but wierder
Fine the Spam - Can you find the Spam in the picture? :)
Terribly wierd Page
Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Umbilicus - The Belly Button Site
E.S. Intergalactic's House of Discount Madness (The name says it all!)

Geek Links:

Geek Site of the Day
Geeks and Freaks
Geeks R Us

Geekgirl Web Page
Cybergrrl Web Page (Something for females)
A Girl's Guide to meeting Geek guys

Nerd Sex Instructions

Miscellaneous Links:

The Well (On-line Communities and chat forum)
The MUD Connector (Super MUD Directory)
World Birthday Web (WBW)
The CIA's Web Page
Judge Dredd Home Page (Comic)
The Official #Teenchat Home Page
Star Trek Original Web Page
Translates English Web pages to other languages
Australian Resume Server - Place your Resumes for many to see
Employment Australia - Australian Job Classifieds
Links/Article's on brushing up Resume writing skills
Project Cool
Worldcorp (Over 6000 listings on huge variety)
Adventure, Prizes, and lots of animals!
BUFORA On-Line (UK UFO Site)
The Ultimate UFOLOGISTS WWW Page (Another UFO Site)
Amazon Books (Huge On-line Book Store)

Jewish Communications Network
Pope's Site
Buddhism World

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