Human Resource Planning:
* Process which an organisation ensures it has the right number and
  kinds of people, at the right places, at the right time, capable
  of effectively and efficiently completing those tasks that will
  aid the organisation in achieving its overall objectives
* First step in assessing current status of organisations objectives:
  a. A human resource inventory describes skills available within
     the organisation
  b. Job Analysis provides information about jobs being currently
     done, the information is critical input for job descriptions,
     job specifications and job evaluations
* Second step is to review the organisations overall objectives
  and revenue projections
* Third step changes revenue projections to a forecast of demand
  for Human Resources
* Fourth Step is an assessment and forecast of internal and external
  supply sources
* The last step is matching the forecasts of future demand and supply.
  This will highlight shortages and overstaffed positions.

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