Basic Definitions:
* HRM is a process consisting of the acquisition, development, motivation
  and maintenance of Human Resources
* Management is the process of effeciently getting activities compeleted
  with and through other people
* Acquisition - Begins with planning. Knowing your goals and how you'll
                achieve them. Includes estimating: - Demand
                                                   - Supply and integrating
                                                     of demand and supply
                Also includes recruitment, selection, and socialisation
                of employees.
* Development - Has 4 dimensions. 1: Employee development (Skill Development)
                                     And changing attitides of workers
                                  2: Management development
                                     Is the aquisition and enhancement of
                                     of an executives abilities
                                  3: Organisational Development
                                     (or the facilitation of system-wide
                                  4: Career Development - Continual
                                     effort to match long-term individual
                                     and organisational needs
* Motivation - Recognises every one has individual needs and uses
               techniques to motivate those accordingly
               Must look at: alienation, job satisfaction, performance
                             appraisal, techniques for simulating worker
                             performance, linking rewards to performance,
                             compensation to handle problems
* Maintenance - Concerned with providing benefits, services and working
                conditions to keep employees happy so they can keep up
                their jobs at what they have been employed to do
* Job Descriptions - A job description is a written statement of what
                     the job holder does, how it is done and why it is
* Job Specifications - States the minimum acceptable qualifications
                       that the person must possess to do the job
* Job Specifications - In addition to providing data for job descriptions
                       and specifications, job analysis is also valuable
                       in providing the information that makes comparison
                       of jobs possible
* On-the-Job training - Including job rotation, apprenticeships and
                        job instruction training
* Off-the-Job training - Includes lectures, conferences, films, situation
                         exercises and programmed instructions

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