Employee training:
* Employee training has become increasingly important as jobs have
  become more sophisticated and influenced by technological changes
* Training is a learning experience that seeks a relatively
  permanent change in an individual that will improve his/her ability
  to perform on the job
* FACT: Until July '94 it was COMPULSARY to train all your staff
  With the New Industrial Relations Reform Act this is no longer
* An effective training program should be on the lines of these
  - Learning is enhanced when they are motivated
  - Effective learning requires feedback (constant)
  - Reinforcement will most likely make them repeat the task
  - Practise increases the learners performance
  - Learning begings rapidly then evens off
  - Learning must relate to the job
* An organisations training needs will be based on the following
  - What are the companies goals?
  - How will they be achieved?
  - What behaviour is needed for people to do their job properly?
  - What deficincies, if any, do people have in skills, knowledge
    or attitudes required to perform the necessary behaviours?
* Formal Training methods are either on-the-job training or
  off-the-job training
* Critical Success Factors to any training activity is effective
  evaluations. Evaluation methods can be classified as:
  a. reactions of participants or managers
  b. test-retest method
  c. pre-post performance method
  d. experience-control method
* Social training programs may be needed to fill the unique requirements
  of minorities and the disadvantaged

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