The Selection Process:
* Proper selection can minimise the costs of replacement and training,
  reduce legal challenges and result in a more productive workforce
* The main purpose is to predict which person will be successful if
  hired. During this process, the possible candidates are informed
  of what the job entails and things about the company
* The typical process selection would include:
  - Initial screening interview
  - Completion of application form
  - Employment tests
  - Comprehensive interview
  - Background investigation
  - Physical Examination (Sometimes)
  - Final Employment Decision
* An unsuccessful result at any stage will result in immediate rejection
* Alternate to discrete method of selection is the comprehensive approach,
  where all applicants go through every step in the selection process
  and the final decision is based on a comprehensive evaluation of the
  results of each stage
* To be an effective predictor,a selection device should:
  a. be reliable
  b. be valid
  c. have a favourable ratio
  d. have a favourable base rate
  e. predict a relevant standard/test/measure/principle/gauge/rule

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