Topic Area:
40 Minutes allowed to answer this section
- Usually written in creative essays
- Also give personal account from Topic Area
- Need good knowledge of text
- Use suggested time - maybe more
- Use relative supplementary material which
  must be well sourced (eg. Paper, Page No., Date, writer)
- Use a variety of supplementary material!
- Discuss topic only!

1. Must come to term with issues in text
   Relate issues to idea of working lives
2. Know supplementary material - relating to text

1. Relationship between life and work (link all texts)
                        - to what extent are we defined
                          by our job
 = SMH July 6th good Article - Asia's woman get down to serious
                               Business =

Dinkum Assorted:
Work: Total Liberation -> become jobs / biscuits

Social/Historical forces - How do these effect work eg.Recession
Role of Women in Society - What is it?

 = Good Weekend 30th July 1993 - Most powerful women =

pg.52 - 'Connie: I could've done that Job if I was a man..'

What pressures do women face going into non-traditional roles?

* The working environment what is it like (workplace)
     |        |   pulling together (D.A.) or Apart??
     |        |
     |    Sexual discrimination
  * Who has/hasn't authority/power -> misuse of it
    How far will/you or can you go in a company!
    (Channel 7 - between the lines)

  * Mateship and companionship at work - pull together
         (D.A.)                    |
                                  or undermined

  * Stereotyping particular jobs. eg.police, lawyer, etc

Working Lives General Tips:
- Read topic area text atleast twice - Know it like a novel
  eg. Particular scenes, quotes
- Know the key issues and how it links to working lives
- Have PERSONAL OPINION on book (Dinkum Assorted)
       * Talk about issues
       * Use page references and own ideas
         (thorough understanding)
- Look at particular features of language in text
  eg.Dialogue of D.A. (Dinkum - Old Australian saying)
  pg.12,35,63,78 - also pg.41,60,61 words of songs
- Use a VARIETY of Supplementary material (5 things)
                                             2-3 issues (LINK)
  eg. - SMH (Sydney Morning Herald), Time, Even Poetry!
      - TV: Murphy Brown, LA Law, Between the lines, etc
      - Also Radio Interviews, and much more!!!
  LIST: Name of source, Date, Author, etc
        Especially - Name of source and date!!

* Who are characters - central/main
* What's the writers perspective - purpose?
* Key Issues:
  - Issue
  - Evidence
  - Comments
  - Supplementary Material

* When answering think:    About - Working Lives
                           Based - Dinkum Assorted
                           Supported by Supp. Material

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