Dinkum Assorted - Working Lives: Breakdown of Book

Conditions of Working Environment:
1. Own Pecking order
2. All regarded as equal   } among woman
3. Accepted as themselves  } workers
5. War work for women p.88
6. Women capable pg.83
7. Moving on pg.84

Attitudes to work:
1. Want to succeed in business
2. Independence
3. Leave confined boredom of house wife role behind
4. This is a challenge to tradition
5. Biscuit Factory stepping stone to increased independence:
   a.) Florrie "..I'll learn to build meself a ship. A bloody
                big ship" pg.85
   b.) Vi + Rosie - Travel + Show business
   c.) "Just think ladies, you'll never need to look at a
        biscuit again." - Grace, Pg.88

1. Boss - Doesn't pay enough
        - prevents initiative given to men - sexual discrimination
2. Connie - Spies on them; Pawn broker
            Pg. 10 "Dorris: Go home you Pommie dobber.."
These two restrict or seem to restrict them. But Connie, as a
favourite, is suspect but at last is accepted

Social + Historical Environment:
1. Lack of men BUT criticized men and joked about them
   eg. a.) Dummies to practise dancing - joke about men's role
           Quote - Pg.54-61 Making fun
2. Millie - Suicidal due to husband "Missing in action"
3. Oppose Connie for "locking up her husband"

* Make Statement
* Quote Directly
* Explain!!
* Refer to Supplementary material

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