Writing Task:
1. Must be in a creative/imaginative way
2. Purpose:
   I. What do I wish to communicate?
   II. What do I want to achieve?
   III. Am I giving a talk?
   IV. Do I need instructions
   Purposes of writing: (Intention/Aim of writing it)
   - To inform               - To criticise
   - To persuade             - To describe
   - To entertain            - To provoke people
3. Important questions to ask yourself when making a plan:
   - Purpose?
   - Audience?
   - Method of writing?
4. Look at - roles
           - themes
5. Roles - Who is the writer? (either chosen or your choice)
         - 1993 HSC role was fairly open
         - Before 1993 Specific role was more necessary
           eg.parent, reviewers, citizen, etc
         - 1985 HSC had 2 roles (the more different the better)
6. Audience - Depends on role
            - What form of writing is best suited for it?
                             - Script
                             - Pamphlet
                             - Draft entry
                             - Letter to editor
            - Age group?
7. Style of writing:
   - Informal?
   - Entertaining?
   - Formal?
   - A Satire?
   - Other?
8. When asked to, use your OWN experiences
9. Use correct punctuation and paragraphing

Pre-Trail HSC / HSC Guidelines for study for writing task:
A - Carefully plan writing by asking yourself these questions:
           - What shall I say?
           - Purpose?
           - Audience?
           - Best form of communication
B - Even in letters you must use paragraphs and proper writing
C - If you have time do a 1st draft
D - Conference with others on it (let them read/criticise it)
E - Redraft
F - Practice writing for different audiences
G - Practice writing for different roles
H - Practise writing for different purposes
I - Do NOT offend the reader

Tips for answering the writing task:
* Last years paper is NOT this years paper
* Improve beyond year 10 standards!!
* Do NOT imitate the reading task
* The key to a good answer is the right style of writing!
  Stick to the style of writing the question asks!
  (eg.essay, creative writing, report, etc)
* Stick to purpose!! - do NOT spend 3 pages on invalid information!
* Do NOT kill the writer at the end of the story or end in a dream!

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