** CLASSIFIED ** ** TOP SECRET ** [Cyberwlf's Lair Logo]

 Government Secret Portfolio: 35017/93272 - Operation: Hidden Agenda
 Known Aliases: Cyberwlf, Jagz, Guy
 Real Name: Guy Nathan
 Age: Currently 20 Years Old
 Birth Day: 16th September
 Location: Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Known Crimes:
Amiga Finatic, IRC Addict, Excessive Talking, Troublemaker, Basketball Intrest, Music Intrest, Creator of #AmigaZone on oz.org

Known Talents:
Programming, AmigaGuide and HTML writing, DeskTop Publishing, article writing, Amiga expert, knowledgable comms user, Image Processing novice, MultiMedia production novice, chatting, ability to make himself seen in logged IRC conferences,
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Aquired Hardware:
Amiga 4000/040, 1.575 gig hard drive (3 Hard Drives), Cybervision64 4mb, Quad Speed SCSI2 CD-ROM Drive, GVP I/O Extender (2 Serial, 1 Parallel), Oktagon 2008 SCSI-II Controller, 15 PPM Postscript Laser Printer, C=1942 BiSync Monitor, GVP DSS8+ 8bit Sampler, PowerScanner V4 B/W, 2nd Disk Drive, Amiga CD32, C=1084S PAL Monitor, Amiga 500 with Wb1.3 + 2.05 and 3mb ram and Scram500 SCSI Controller, Netcomm's Avtek 28.8k Fax/Data Modem, Maestro 14.4k Fax/Data Modem, and A2000HD.

Number of years experience:
An Amiga user for around 7 or so years now. Started off like most as 'just' a games player, but within a short enough time graduated onto the startup-sequence ;), and from there things took off!

Over 5 years in the Australian modem 'scene' being co-sysop of many local Bulletin Board Systems, running a point (refer: Fidonet), writing articles for electronic disk magazines, uploading and downloading plentiful amounts of files ;), writing countless amounts of messages, and more!

Over two years in the Internet 'scene' being a regular IRC user and leeching plentiful amounts of Aminet, participating in IRC Conferences with 'famous' Amiga people on matters concerning the Amiga, wasting away on #AmigaZone oz.org at times, writing for Internet electronic Amiga Magazines such as Amiga Report and Amiga Link and Amiga Monitor, and many more things than I can list here.

Places Articles by the 'wlf have been found include:

Known Hangouts:
Twisted Dreams BBS (Australia), Lucid Dreams BBS (Australia), #AmigaZone on oz.org, #amiga on effnet, #amigacafe on undernet, several private amiga-related irc channels. On irc he can be identified as Cyberwlf, not to be mistaken with Cyberwolf or the likes. Note the lack of 'o'. Beware of him, as if he finds out who you are he may blow open the whole operation!

Examples of some things Cyberwlf has been responsible for:

  • Show Report of Australian Amiga Gathering 1997
  • IBrowse 1.10 and Voyager NG 2.70 Review
  • Photogenics 2.0a Review
  • Review of Amiga MYST Demo
  • Review of Asim CDFS V3.6b
  • Article on Defining an Amigan
  • Review of Video Backup System 3
  • Almost complete AmigaGuide Tutorial
  • Alien Breed Tower Assault CD32 Review
  • Un-Published review of Grollier Encylopedia 2 CD32
  • Part Complete review of Almathera's Ten on Ten CD Pack
  • Cyberwlf's April Fools Joke Press Release
  • Article on (Scene) Demos Compatabily

    These things done by him were found when looking on Aminet:

  • Cybeonix Kick - A Conversion of IRC-II script Pkicks.irc with this description with this home page
  • HSC 2 Unit Business Studies Study Guide with this description
  • HSC 3 Unit Business Studies Study Guide with this description
  • HSC 2 Unit General English Study Guide with this description

    We have recovered the following new bits of information to add to this profile:

  • HSC 2 Unit Business Studies Study Guide in HTML Format
  • HSC 3 Unit Business Studies Study Guide in HTML Format
  • HSC 2 Unit General English Study Guide in HTML Format

    Additional Information:
    According to reports, while Cyberwlf was over in the UK he visited Commodore UK, back in the beginning of 1995 (January). We do not know what top secret information was passed onto him by David Pleasance and his crew during his interview and tour of the now defunct Commodore UK. It is vital this information be extracted from him whatever way possible. We have found pictures of his visit to Commodore UK here. Failure is NOT an option!

    He is often found hanging around with this rather dubious character.
    When Cyberwlf at school we know he attended Vaucluse High School.
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    We also know he can be e-mailed at cyberwlf@wr.com.au.

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