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Amiga Links:

The Big Bosses of the Amiga:

* Amiga International's Home Page
* Gateway 2000 - Owners of the Amiga
* QuikPak Home Page - Amiga US Distributors/Manafacturers
* Pios - Company producing Amiga Clones
* DraCo - Company producing Amiga Clones
* Silent Paw Productions - Portable Amiga Workstations
* 'index' Home Page Amiga Clone makers (Design own models: InsideOut, Access)

Amiga PD Software On-Line/Links:

* Amiga Freeware/Shareware Software Links
* RECENT Aminet List - List of PD Released in last 7 Days on Aminet
* [Aminet Logo] - Aminet's WHQ (Wustl) and it's Recent List
* Aminet at Livewire (Australia) and it's Recent List
* AmiNET Query - Search for files on Aminet
* Amiga UK ISP Support Pages - Resource for Amiga Internet Tools
* Shape's IBrowse 'Plugins' Page
* <Amiga WWW Support Page - Using Plugin Datatypes for IBrowse
* Using Japanese on the Amiga - Software/Fonts

* Unofficial Alien Breed 3D ][ - T.K.G. Page
* Obi-Wan's Breeding Grounds - Another AB3DII Page
* ChaoZers Homepage - AB3D2 T.K.G. - Another AB3DII Page
The Offical GLOOM Pages
* ChaoZers Homepage - Worms Support Page

Amiga WWW Links/Resources:

* The Amiga Home Page
* [AWD Logo] The Amiga Web Directory: - HUGE Amiga Web Site
* New Amiga Links (Updated Daily) * Latest Amiga news
* Amiga Product Reviews * Amiga Information Resources
* Amiga Magazine Links * Amiga Companies
* Amiga Hardware * Amiga Software
* Amiga PD/Shareware Software * Amiga Scene
* Amiga Newsgroups * Amiga User Groups
* Amiga Telnet Boards * Other Amiga Web Sites
* Search the Amiga Web Directory * All of the A.W.D.'s Amiga Links listed
* Australian Mirror New Amiga Links Page
* HomePage - Canada Amiga Support Page
* AmigaNet - "White Pages" listing of Amiga Users on-line
* Amiga Translators Organization - Does Translations of programs for programmers

On-Line Amiga Help Services:

* Productive Computer Systems/Channel 34 - Ask "Dr. Amiga"
* Motherboard Computers Amiga Help Desk
* amigaSoc's Help Desk

On-Line Amiga Information Resources:

CadOS Demo OS - OS for AGA Demo Programmers
* The Amiga Assemble Page - Information for Amiga Assembly Programmers
* ARexxGuide On-Line - Arexx Reference Guide (Includes Examples)
* ExecBase On-Line Magazine - For Amiga Programmers
* Orbis's Amiga Programming page
* Mushroom PD Homepage (AMOS Resource)
* BOOPSI Classes - Programmers Reference for BOOPSI
* CanDo Corner - Reference for CanDo Users
* Club Blitz - Blitz Basic Support Page
* Blitz Basic Program Collection - Programmers Resource
* REXX Information - Arexx Programmers Reference
* Amiga C Tutorial - Very Basic Tutorial

* The OnLine AmigaDos Reference Page
* The Amiga CDROM Guide - Online catalogue of Amiga PD CDs
* Semi-Offical CyberGraphX Home Page - Has Info/Files, 24bit DT, CyberGL, etc
* Picasso IV/96 FAQ Web Page
* Modern Plumbing - The Bars & Pipes Support Page
* Web Page about Emulators For The Amiga
* Computer Graphics Tips and Techniques - Articles from AmigaWorld
* Amiga Vault - An Aminet Reviews Page
* Amiga AntiVirus Page
* The Amiga Printer Driver Home Page
* Amiga Product Reviews Page
* Ratings.Org - Amiga Software Reviews
* Amiga Program Compatibility List
* Real Music - MOD Resource Page
* The Blessed Land of the Worms - Worms/WormsTDC Support Page
* Amiga F1GP - The Help Section
* Amiga Games (Games Info Resource)
* AmiTCP Manual Online
* Blue Ribbon Soundworks' Bars and Pipes Professional-Support Page
* BPM Homepage (MOD Resource)
* Games and demos supporting GFX cards
* Gigant Dwarfs Emulator Page
* Meteoro - Amiga Recording Studio - Recording tips, Record Sales,Bars&Pipes Info
* MP3 on the AMIGA
* NetBSD Amiga Info Resource
* Programming Tutorials (List Processing(Dequeues) in C), OO Programming
* Tao of DataTypes (s-ware resource)
* The Demo.Guide - Over 200 Demos Reviewed/RatedThe Kingdom of Caradog Blitz Resource - Very good BlitzBasic Resource
* Amiga Gamer Home Page

* Hardware Hacks Page on this site
* Amiga Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) File.
Amiga Frequently Asked Questions File in German
* Amiga Newcomers FAQ - Why Amiga?,Buying Amiga, Using Amigas with PCs
* Matt's Amiga Dictionary And Reference
* A1200 Hardware FAQ
* Amiga 4000 Hardware Reference Guide
* CDTV Technical Information - First Computer with CD-ROM Installed standard
* A570 CD-ROM FAQ - Cheap CD-ROM Drive by Commodore for the A500
* Amiga Information Center - Info on all Amiga Models
* Spock's Logical Amiga Technical Specs Page
* Motorola's 680x0 and PowerPC Manuals On-Line
* Terry's Power Amiga Page - Amiga PowerPC News and Info.
* Pricing/Availability for 200,180,166MHz PowerPC 603e
* Amiga Graphic Boards Info
* Amiga Audio Cards Home Page
* Expanding & Modernizing the Amiga
* How to build an A1200 Tower (also HTML in Cygnus page)
* DraCoNet Home Page - DraCo Support Page/Resource
* A\box vs. Pentium MMX Comparison Page

* The Unofficial Blizzard 1260 Page
* Picasso IV/96 FAQ Web Page
* Documentation for the Graffiti Gfx Card
* USR's Amiga Support Page
* The AURA Support Page - Support Page for Amiga 12bit Sampler

Amiga IRC Channels:

* #Amiga IRC Channel Information Page (Main IRC Amiga Channel)
* #AmigaZone Homepage (New Main Australian Amiga IRC Channel)
(AmigaZone IRC, not connected to Harv Lazers AmigaZone web site.)
* #Amiga US.Undernet Channel - Run by Ink!! (an #AmigaZone regular also!)
* Official #AmigaCafe Home Page (Another IRC Amiga Channel)
* The #AmIRC Home Page (AmIRC Support Channel)
* The EFnet #AmIRC Homepage (Another AmIRC Support Channel)
* #Amigaworld Channel on Dalnet

Amiga Search Engines/Devices:

* amiSpider - Newest Amiga WWW Search Engine
* amiCrawler Amiga-Only WWW Search Engine

On-line Amiga Magazines:

* Amiga Report No.1 On-Line Amiga Magazine
* The Amiga Monitor - Online CUCUG Amiga Mag
* a|news - Amiga On-line Publication
* Amiga Link On-Line Magazine
* Amiga Blast On-Line Magazine
* AmyNews - Compilation of Press Releases
* ExecBase On-Line Magazine - For Amiga Programmers

* [AF Logo] - Amiga Format - Biggest Selling Amiga Magazine (Serious+Games)
* Amiga User International - Another Amiga Magazine (Mainly Serious+Games)
* CU Amiga - Another Amiga Magazine (Serious+Games)
* Amiga Computing - Another Amiga Magazine (Serious+Games)
* Amazing Computing - Another Amiga Magazine (Serious+Games)
* Amiga Informer Homepage - American Amiga Print Magazine
* LightWavin' Magazin - Magazine for LW Animators

* Australian Amiga Gazette - New Australian Amiga Magazine
* Amiga News Australasia - New Australian Amiga Magazine

Amiga Projects:

* The Amiga OS Resurrection Project Info Pages (Foundations of AROS)
* AROS - The Amiga Replacement OS Home Page
* Amiga Developers Fund

Specific Amiga Software Links:

Public Domain:
GoldEd - Amiga Text Editor
* Magnus Holmgren - ReqChange, ReqTools, Visage, etc
* Asm-One Home Page - Free 68k Assembler
* The AHI Home Page - Amiga Hardware Independant Audio Device
* Robert Ennals Page - TaskBar, LOOP OS, SmartFile, etc
* Merlin's Homepage - DevsMan, MFormat, XPKatana, NewIcons3, etc
* KingCON - Enhanced CLI with LOTS of Extras
* KingFisher - Fish Disks Database Tool
* JPEG TowerSystems Datatype Homepage
* BGUI Mirror Site and the BGUI Home Page
* WorkbenchNG - Amiga WB Replacement in Development
* The MBench home page - Freeware Amiga WB Replacement
* GIF-Toolkit Homepage - GIF-Anim Tools
* Xtruder, Vinci, NewChange Homepage
* Rainy's Homepage - Home for Rainboot, Raindir, etc
* MathScript Homepage - WYSIWYG Equation Editor
* Musicline Home page - Music Creation Package
* AlgoMusic Page - Techno Music Generator
* A-Start Homepage - Amiga Start Bar Clone
* 'Amiga World' Page - Info on countries around world
* CartoonStudio Homepage - WYSIWYG IFF-ANIM Creation Tool
* GIF-Toolkit Homepage
* PopShell Home Page
* AssignZ Home Page
* SDI's Home Page - Home for XPKMaster, BinHex, GrabKick, etc
* Foreign Language Master Page - Dictionary/Translator/Vocab Teacher
* Hippopotamus Design Web Page - Home of HippoPlayer, Tankkk, PS3M Recorder
* RShell, Publicity, VGB_Amiga, ResourceTracker Page
* JTierney's Programs - PCalc, NoWBStartup, FSplit, ProcIdx, RndBG, etc
* MikMod Amiga Port - Amiga MOD Player supports AHI, to support PPC

* Diamond Caves homepage
* Bevelstone Production's Fields of Battle
* Amiga Jeopardy - Amiga Version of TV show
* Fortress Of Fears Homepage
* Db-Line presents Underground - AGA FMV Game
* The Battle Duel Home Page
* Maim & Mangle - WarcraftII/DuneII Clone

Communications/Internet Software:

Web Browsers:
* Voyager - MUI Amiga WWW Browser
* IBrowse - Another MUI Amiga WWW Browser
* Vormel Page - VRML PlugIn for IBrowse
* AWeb - Amiga Non-MUI WWW Browser
* Finale's Web Cruiser Web Page - Another Non-MUI WWW Browser (Unreleased)
* AMosaic - Oldest Amiga WWW Browser (Crappy too!)
* ALynx - Amiga Text-Based WWW Browser
* P'Jami - Un-Released HotJava Browser

TCP/IP Stacks:
* [Miami Logo] - Miami Home Page - Very easy to use Amiga TCP Stack
* TermiteTCP - Commercial Amiga TCP/IP Stack
* MultiLink (MLink) - Simulates PPP/SLIP using Shell Accounts

IRC Clients:
* AmIRC - AmIRC Home Page (MUI) (Best IRC Client)
* Grapevine Home Page - Another IRC Client
* AmSPACE Home Page - 3D Amiga Chat Client (Alpha Only)

Email/News Clients:
* Amiga YAM Homepage - Best Amiga E-Mail client
* THOR HomePage - Powerful EMail/News Client
* FFNews Homepage - Easy to use MUI Amiga News Client
* The ISN Homepage - Gadtools Amiga News Reader/Client

FTP Clients and Servers:
* AmFTP Home Page - Premier FTP Client for any platform
* MagicFTP - Amiga FTP Client

Web Page Editors and Web Servers:
* Page Monster - HTML Editor
* The Amiga Apache Page - Amiga WWW Server

Miscellaneous Internet Software Links:
* Vaporware - Home of AmIRC, AmFTP, Voyager, etc
* Australian VaporWare Support Site
* Finale Dev. Page - Home of Web Cruiser, MOca Java Compiler, NewYork News Client
* Amiga Net Games for Light Entertainment Page
* Geotools Page - Support tools for Geocities Users
* Sito's AmIRC Script Page
* Link to my Cybeonix (AmIRC Scripts) Web page
* Andy's AmIRC Scripts
* Kajun's ARexx Script Page - For Web browsers and YAM

Comms Only:
* STFax Home Page - Amiga Fax Modem Software
* Official CNet BBS Homepage
* Termite Homepage - Commercial Amiga Comms Program

Software Emulators:
* Web Page about Emulators For The Amiga
* Shapeshifter/Frodo - Amiga Mac and C=64 Emulators
* MagiC64 Home Page - Amiga C=64 Emulator
* Linux for Amiga/68k Machines
* Compiling Linux for the 68060
* PCx Home Page - PC Emulator
* PC-Task Home Page - PC Emulator
* Another PC-Task Page - PC Emulator
* The NetBSD Page - Best implementation of UNIX on Amiga
* ZXAM Home Page - ZX Spectrum Emulator
* Atari 8bit Emulator
* X-Window's (X-11) for the Amiga
* AmiWin Home Page - Amiga X-Windows Client
* Yet Another Gameboy Emulator
* fMSX Emulator Site
* The UAE Compatibility Homepage

* Prelusion - WB3.x Adventure Game
* Foundation Home Page - C&C/Settlers Clone
* Forgotten Forever - C&C/WarCaft Clone
* In Shadow of Time - AGA Adventure Game
* "Explorer2260 Home Page By Digital Anarchy Software
* PURE Design Presents Flyin' high - Texture Mapped Racing Game
* Prolixity presents Wheels on Fire - Texture Mapped Racing Game/Shareware
* The Bloody Blaster Homepage - Dynablasters Clone
* Power Computing's Big Red Adventure Page - (AGA CD-ROM) Adventure Game

* OctaMED - Powerful 8-channel, Tracker-style Music editor
* Poswiz! - Amiga Point Of Sale Professional Software
* NSDi/AmiTCP Home Page - Commercial Amiga TCP/IP Stack
* Amiga QuickCam Home Page - Software for small Digitizer Unit

Amiga Software Publisher Links:

* ProDAD - Makers of pOS, Animage, Adorage, Clarissa, and Monument Designer
* Schatzruhe - Amiga CD Producers such as Aminet series, Amiga Dev CD, etc
* Softwood's Home Page - Makers of Final Writer, Final Calc, Final Data, etc
* Hi-Soft - Distributors of IBrowse, Cinema4D, etc
* Oregon Research - Makers of Termite Suite (Net/Comms Tools), ZIP/Jaz Tools, etc
* Nova Design - Makers of ImageFX
* Asimware Innovations - Makers of MasterIO, AsimCDFS, etc
* Soft Logik - Makers of PageStream(1-3), TypeSmith, ArtExpressions, etc
* Cloanto - Makers of PPaint, PWrite, PFM2, etc
* Haage & Partner - Makers of StormC/Wizard, ArtEffect, DrawStudio
* [IAM Image] - Intangible Assets Manufacturing's Home Page - DiskSalv, Networking Stuff, etc
* Australian I.A.M. Home Page
* Oxxi-Aegis Australia - Makers of Amiga Novell, TurboText, SuperBase, etc
* Quasar - Makers of DirWork, PCTask, Quaterback
* Black Belt Systems - Makers of Imagemaster R/t, etc
* Fourth Level Developments - Makers of AFS (ex-PFS)
* Consultron - Makers of CrossDOS, CrossMAC
* Stylus Inc. - Makers of ProVector
* Red When Excited Ltd. - Makers of BlitzBASIC Support Software
* 17 Bit Software
* SAdENESS Software - Makers of Amiga CD's AGA Experience, WOTW, X, etc
* GPSoftware - Makers of Directory Opus, GPFax, EasyLedgers, etc.
* MAXON's Homepage (German Only) - Makers of Maxon Cinema4D and Maxon C
* Chaocity - Producers of Distant Suns, Vista Pro, TerraForm
* Microcode - Makers of MacPro, Emplant1200/Lite/Deluxe, PCx
* Impulse - Makers of Imagine
* Natural Graphics Home Page - Makers of Scenery Animator
* Epic Marketing - Makers of Epic Multimedia Encylopedia and Amiga PD CD-ROMs
* DnS Development Homepage - Makers of BurnIt (CD-R Software)
* Finale Development - Makers of Web Cruiser, MOca Java Compiler, NewYork News Client

* Meeting Pearls CD-ROM Home Page - CD with Demos, UNIX, Games, etc
* Gateway! Series Home Page - CD with full NetBSD and Utils
* MODs Vol.1 CD-ROM Homepage

Game Publishers/Producers:
* Dark Unicorn Productions - Makers of TomCat, Scorched Tanks, etc
* Creative Edge Software Home Page
* Bitmap Brothers Web Page
* [Breathless Logo] - Power Computing's Home Page - Distributes Breathless
* clickBOOM Web Page - Makers of Capital Punishment
* Vulcan's Page - Makers of Valhalla 1-3, Hilsea Leido
* Acid Software Homepage - Makers of SuperSkidmarks, etc
* Domarc's Amiga Titles Page
* NEO Software's Homepage - Makers of Fightin' Spirit, etc
* Austex Software HomePage Makers of Uropa2
* Aurora Works Inc. - Makers of Zone99/Betrayed
* Mutation Software - Makers of Tommy Gun/Aventure Toy Tin
* Invictus Team - Makers of onEscapee (like Flashback)
* Ambrosia Home Page - Makers of Genetic Species
* DSP Project's Page - Makers of Almagica - Scions (C&C Clone)
* Blackblade Software Design - Makers of YAGG/Y3D FlgihtSim (CDROM game)
* Oxyron's Home Page - Makers of TrappedI/II
* Great Effects Development - Makers of Kang Fu

Amiga Hardware Company Links:

* Phase 5 - German manufacturers of:
* CyberVision64 (64bit Gfx Board)
* CyberVision64/3D (64bit Gfx Board with MPEG/3D Rendering Chip)
* CyberStorm 060 MKII (060 Accelerator Model No. II)
* CyberGFX (Not hardware - But software used with CyberVisions)
* Blizzard, etc.
* Power Computing - Amiga Peripheral Makers in the UK
* BlitterSoft - Distributors of Emplant, Piccaso, Networking Equipment
* Hi-Soft - Makers of the Squirrel and Surf Squirrel, Distributor of IBrowse
* Blittersoft - Retailers for Emplant, PicassoIV, Eagle, Phase5, HiQ, etc
* Microcode - Makers of Emplant
* ELSAT - Makers of CD32 ProModule, ProGrab24, Teletext Decoder
* Broadcaster Elite Distributor - Broadcast Quality Video Suite
* Resource Management Force - QuickNet, QuickBase, etc
* HiQ Home Page - Makers of Siamese System, etc
* Paul Nolan's own Siamese Home Page
* GVP-M Inc. Home page - Make Accelerators, and other expansions
* Motherboard Computers - Australian Siamese System Distributors
* Interworks - Makers of I-Net 225, T-Net, ENLAN-DFS, I-Card, Amiganet (Ethernet)
* Golden Image - Makers of Amiga hand scanner, RAM Expanders, etc
* Biocon Products - Make a Scan Doubler and Flicker Fixer

Amiga Retail Links:

* Cyberwlf's Independant Australian Amiga Retailers and Distributors Survey Results

Amiga Scene Group/Magazine Links:

* Cydonia's Home Page
* Ultra Sonix's Home Page
* Accession's Home Page

* R.A.W. - No.1 On-Line Amiga Scene Magazine (Now dead :()

Australian Amiga User Groups Links:

* CAUSe (Canberra Amiga User Society) Home Page
* Western (Sydney) District Amiga User Group
* The Victorian Amiga Users Group (Inc).
* ESEUG - Eastern Suburbs Eighty Users Group (Vic)

Miscellaneous Links:

* Team AMIGA Home Page (International Amiga Group)
* International Amiga Society
* Haage & Parner's Amiga Books - Including Paul Overaa/BSB Books
* Daniel Barrett's Home Page - Designer of BLAZEMONGER
* Squid's Amiga Page and Rumor Mill
* Pure Amiga - Amiga Web Page like this one
* Amiga Flame's Home Page - Also similar to this page
* Amiga Nutta Page - XTR Hall of Fame, HD Installers, Rel. Schedule, Previews, Reviews
* AmigaWorld - Versionwatch (Info on Utils w/ Email), News, Info, Links
* Deal Amiga User Club Page (UK) - Has Amiga Classifieds, Gossip, Links
* BaseCom BBS Home - BBS in Sydney Australia
* Sabrina Online, the Comic Strip! (Amiga-related)

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