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The Ultra Sonix Team consists of:

uSX! Management:
Smash!/cDN^uSX -- Manager (Leader) ,Coder,Ascii Art,Trader
Jaguar Speed/iNT^uSX^aND_mORE -- Modem/Net-Trader,Courier,Coder,Sysop
Rasta/uSX -- Ascii Art,Graphics,Trader,Coder

uSX! Members:
Testament/iNT^uSX -- Sysop,Coder (test@progsoc.uts.edu.au)
Homicide!/oS!^aTC^uSX -- NZ-Organiser,Ascii Art,O/S Trader
Carcass/oRS^lgc^uSX -- Coder,Sysop
Mirror Man/dVS^aPB^uSX -- Trader
Bonza/cDN^uSX -- Sysop,Trader
Demolition/dVS^uSX -- Sysop,Trader (Temporarily left scene)
Hysteria/cLI^uSX -- Sysop,Courier
Pzest/uSX -- Graphics,Coder (pzest@gc.design.net.au)
Psycho!/uSX -- Graphics,Musician
Puke/uSX -- Graphics
Esemi/uSX -- Musician

            _                          _            _             _
    __/\ __j \ _  __/\ __.   _________j \ __ _/\ __j \ _  __/\ __j \ _
    \_/ \  |  \ \_\_/ \  l___\_________  \  \_/ \____ \ \_\_/ \_____\ \_
   _/      |      \      |     \_     \______/  __________/   _____     \
   \______ |       \____ |       \_____\  . \______|      ¬\_____|       \_
 .-------\ l      __/--\ l      __/-------+--------|      __/----|      __/--.
 |        \______/      \______/          ¦        l_____/       l_____/     |
 |          _             _             _ :                     _            |
 |  __/\ __j \__  __/\ __j \ _  __/\ __j \._  ____________/\ __j \ __        |
 |  \_/ \ _____/__\_/ \  ___\ \_\_/ \_____\ \_\________/\_/ \__l_ \  \__     |
 |  (________     \      |      \      |      \        ¬\_  _____     _/     |
 |  ______ |       \____ |       \_____|       \_________/_____|       ¬\_   |
 `-------\ l      __/--\ l      __/----|      __/--------------|       __/---'
 c0!¤wL!  \______/      \______/       l_____/                 l______/

   ×---÷--------------------------------------- -        - -----------÷---×
   ×---÷------------------------- -                  - ---------------÷---×

What is Ultra Sonix?

Not to be confused with the techno music group of the same name, we are a group of dedicated Amiga owners who have a large variety of skills which we use to put together productions for our group. In our group we have people who can create 3D Rendered art , hand drawn art, create music, code demos/applications/etc, create ascii art, and more. We also have people who are Sysops and/or Co-Sysops of Bulletin Boards around Australia, as well as people who on a regular basis trade demos with other amiga owner s from all around the world.

When was Ultra Sonix created?

Ultra Sonix was created in the beginning of 1995 and has been continually expanding ever since its birth. It originally was created under the name of HardKore (hKE), and mainly consisted of Smash! and a few of his friends. Due to it not taking off, the group was re-named to Ultra Sonix (uSX!), in June of 1995. In the time hKE was around a few (very few) releases were done, but when the group became uSX! they were re-released under the uSX! label.

Why was Ultra Sonix created?

The group was initally created for the sake of "something to do" for Smash! and his friends.

What has Ultra Sonix released?

The group's releases to date have been severly limited by the fact we are lacking demo coders (we dont lack other types of coders though). The group has a whole lot of graphics, mods, and the like ready for a demo, but we are eagerly seeking talented demo coders. Here is what we released since about June '95:

Text File Releases:
MegaCheat English Translation A-K - Translated by Paint (ex-uSX)
MegaCheat English Translation L-Z - Translated by Paint (ex-uSX)
MegaCheat Complete Archive A-Z - Translated by Paint (ex-uSX)
Everything for Maestro config with /X - Smash! (uSX)
List of New Game releases Edition #1 - Jaguar Speed (uSX/iNT/SYX/and more)
List of New Game releases Edition #2 - Jaguar Speed (uSX/iNT/SYX/and more)
Level Codes For Alien Breed 3D - Rasta (uSX)
The Information on 'The Dag Creator' Virus - Smash! (uSX)
And 3 Memberlists (Looking for more members etc etc)

AmiXpress Doors and Utilities:
QuickLogon v1.0 - Smash! (uSX)
SuperlogonStats v1.0 - Smash! (uSX)
LogOff v1.0 - Smash! (uSX)
PreSystemPW v1.0 - Smash! (uSX)
QuickLogon v2.0 - Smash! (uSX) - (In progress as of: 22/1/96)
The Quest v1.0 - Testament (uSX)

Ascii Collections:
Reality Check - Rasta (uSX)
Lost In The Madness - Rasta (uSX)
Edge Of Darkness - Rasta (uSX)
Boost! - Homicide! (uSX/oS!/aTC)
Trouble! - Homicide! (uSX/oS!/aTC)
Masta's Degree - Smash! (uSX) - (In progress as of: 22/1/96)

Other Releases:
"Hot Chicks Part 1" (Klondike Cardset) - Rasta (uSX)
"The Best of Magic WB Collection" Compiled - Paint (ex-uSX)
"Scene Fun" (Electronic Chain Mail) Coded - Pzest (uSX)

Some uSX Releases available for download from here

What boards does Ultra Sonix have?

They include the following:
pERPETUAL dECAY (Australian HQ)
uNDERWORLD BBS (Queensland (Australia) HQ)
sYNDICATE (South Australia HQ)
dEEP vISUAL sENSATIONS (Western Australia HQ) - Closing temporarily
DiGiTAL CHAOS (Distribution board)

Intrested in becoming a uSX! board yourself? E-Mail me at cyberwlf@zip.com.au

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