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note: this area serves as information about the background to the members within tool. it is not here for those wishing to idolize tool members. also all information here is subject to change/removal at any point without notice and may be incorrect, as one can never be sure that any information gained about the band are actual truths and not just what they wished to tell the public.

recent band history:
1998 has been an intresting year for the band. despite not actually releasing anything this year, even after reports of a new album would be out around now, they have still managed to remain quite popular in the alternative/indie scene, and have been basically growing in popularity since the release of their commercially succesful album Ænima in 1996. this year has seen the band tour all through out the states with their own mini tour, followed up by a summer tour and playing at basically all of the Ozzfest gigs where they are co-headlining and one known gig on the Warped Festival. To add to this they won an award at the Grammys for the best metal group, and their video clip Stinkfist coming close to winning the award for the best video clip. despite all these positive things, it hasn't be all positive. since early 1998 the band has been planning the release of a new album which they describe as 'the follow up to Ænima' and stated that they are at their peak right now and that the next album would be their best yet, but this has not yet come out, which according to reports is why they have delayed their world tour. The reasons behind this are due to a court case between TOOL's record label Zoo Records and TOOL themselves. Originally scheduled to go to court around the june/july period this has now been moved back to September, due to TOOL's tours in the July/August period. other reports have stated they are planning a world tour for the end of this year, but this has not been confirmed, if this does happen we can expect a new album out just prior to this tour.

the music: the lyrics which help to make tool what it is, from all reports seems to have come from a variety of sources. some of it inspired from tool's own vocalist Maynard James Keenan's experiences, and from other members of the band too, as well as the bands view of aspects within society (this can be seen through songs like anema/Ænima, hush/Opiate, etc). their lyrics in the album Ænima more so than their other albums could also be noted for the philosophy used throughout it. "Their songs from Aenima, are replete with elements reminiscent of philosophers like Nietzche, Jung and even dabbles of ritual magic." (Page 47, Circus Magazine, May 19 1998). But they are also far more than just their lyrics, the almost soothing tones of Maynard James Keenan's voice, complimented with the rest of the bands musical performance brings together a form of music which helps to make it stand above the crowd from most of the other Indie acts out there. When the lyrics come together with the music, and the vocals, they bring about a kind of emotionally evocative music which one can listen to often without getting sick of, and their listeners can often relate to. Their style of music has been labeled grunge, when grunge was popular, metal when metallica got big, and Indie, but in reality their music could be said to fit into a style of its own.

the band members:

Maynard James Keenan:
Instrument: Vocals
Former Bands: Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty (C.A.D.) (released independant cassette "Fingernails"), and TexAns.
Favourite Music: Tom Waits, Judas Priest, AC/DC, Joni Mitchell, Swans, Tori Amos.
Education: Born Junior High, then Raveena High till year 10, then a high school in Scottville, Michigan (apparently where he became friends with Gillian Anderson (X-Files)), enrolled in West Point Military Academy (was in West Point Prep School and United States Military Academy Prep School which helped provide the inspiration for words used in Intolerance/Undertow from their Honor Code of "I will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do"), and quit the military to end up studying art in Grand Rapids in the same state
Former Occupations: Remodeling pet stores in Los Angeles.
Hobbies: gracie jiu-jitsu (brazillian jiujitsu), also liked dead comedian Bill Hicks.
How he joined: Was discovered one day screaming at his neighbours by Drummer Danny Carey (who was also his neighbour).
Other stuff:
* Born on a April 17th in Akron or Raveena, Ohio USA to a Baptist family
* Was an only son, and had an older sister
* His family moved states alot
* Has his own son now called Devo who is a few years old
* Places he has lived includes: Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas
* During his (Miliary?) education was a member of the cross country and wrestling teams, the glee club, and the "Knight Crier" (believed to be a student newspaper)
* At the age of 12 was a Kiss maniac
* Voted as most "artistic" in his senior class
* First concert he went to he remembers was Rick Springfield
* His father is a retired high school teacher from Manson Country Central Highschool in Scottville, Michigan. Maynard visits him each year.

Justin Chancellor:
Instrument: Bass Guitar
Favourite Music: Sonic Youth, Fugazi, God Machine, Swervedriver, Penthouse, Mint 400
Former Bands: Peach (UK band, opened for TOOL in britan on Undertow tour)
How he joined: When TOOL were auditioning for a new bass player, they offered it to him, but he knocked it back. But when they did auditions, if someone didn't show, he would fill in and play anyhow. In the end he decided although he was dedicated to a band with a member he had known for years, he did not wish to pass up the chance with TOOL, and competed against others including Filter's Frank Cavanagh, Pigmy Love Circus's Marko Fox and Kyuss's Scott Reeder for the position.

Adam Jones:
Instrument: Guitar
Favourite Music: Melvins, Metallica, Kansas, surf rock, King Crimson, Parliament Funkadelic
Former Occupations: Sculptor, doing make up for special effects
Other stuff: Born on a January 15, in Libertyville, Illinois USA. Went to school with Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello, and bassist Maureen Herman from Babes in Toyland.

Danny Carry:
Instrument: Drums
Favourite Music: Kraftwerk, Melvins, King Crimson, Skinny Puppy, Yellow Magic Orchestra
Former Bands: Green Jello, Pygmy Love Circus, Carole King
Musical Background: Played drums in his grammar school band
Influences: Jazz drumers Billy Cobham, Buddy Rich, and Louis Belson, Tony Williams
Education: Studied music for 3 years at the University of Missouri
Former Occupations: Worked in a tape duplicating house
Hobbies: Studying metaphysics, reading books on magic and spiritual awareness, and basketball
Other stuff: Born on a May 10th, in Paola, Kansas USA. His father managed a large insurance firm, his mother a school teacher, and has one older and younger brother. His Hollywood home is filled with crucifixes, easily noticable paintings of geometric patterns, and demonic statues

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