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the channel #TOOL is a channel found on the Oz.Org servers. click on the Oz.Org link for information on servers you need to use to find us (an example server one can use is 'aussie.oz.org'. when connected to the server type '/join #TOOL' to join our channel. foolish dumbf'cks, teenyboppers, or other similar species shot on site (also known as kicked and/or banned). despite ignorant beliefs, virtually any computer can use the net, whether it be PC (ibm clones), Macs, UNIX, Amigas, BeOS people, even Atari and C=64 users.

the channels existance serves the purpose of a meeting place for those who have taken a liking to the musical excellence created by the USA-based band TOOL. as you will see the common people of this channel do actually take a liking to other forms of Non-TOOL music as well, so sometimes discussion may cover these bands to. topics of discussion are in general fairly open, so if no one is speaking, try saying something which shows signs of intelligence and you may find those gathering in the channel shall respond to you. In cases of excess silence either wait around for some action to stir, or come back at a later time and try again.

if you have a channel complaint or the likes try and find Beav on-line, as he has taken responsibility of seeing over the tool-ite community which reside within the channel, or speak to Cyberwlf in regards to the channel web site, but preferably email him here with any suggestions, comments, or the likes.

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