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Amiga Newsgroups (Message areas):

Newsgroups are a place where you can discuss with countless other Amiga owners from all over the world about the topic which that message area is set out for. Obviously, sometimes these areas do go off topic, but in general they stick to the topic. To check out one of these newsgroups (message areas) click on the area of intrest below. But remember unless your using Voyager you must have your web browser configured to handle 'News' properly or these links in this section wont work.

aus.computers.amiga - Australian Amiga Area
alt.sources.amiga - Amiga Sources
bit.listserv.i-amiga - Amiga Information List
comp.binaries.amiga - UUEncoded Amiga Programs on-line
comp.sources.amiga - Source code only newsgroup
comp.sys.amiga.advocacy - A place to debate Amiga Vs's the rest
comp.sys.amiga.announce - Amiga Announcements get placed here
- Web Site for comp.sys.amiga.announce
comp.sys.amiga.applications - Discussions about Amiga Applications - Amiga Audio discussions
comp.sys.amiga.cd32 - Amiga CD32 discussion area
comp.sys.amiga.datacomm - Amiga Communications discussion area
comp.sys.amiga.emulations - Discussion on Amiga Emulators - Discussion for Amiga Games - Discussion on Amiga Graphics
comp.sys.amiga.hardware - Discussion on Amiga Hardware
comp.sys.amiga.introduction - New User Amiga Discussion area
comp.sys.amiga.marketplace - Sell and Buy Amiga Goods - Discussion on Miami (Amiga TCP/IP Stack)
comp.sys.amiga.misc - Miscellaneous Amiga Topics
comp.sys.amiga.multimedia - Discussion on Amiga MultiMedia
comp.sys.amiga.networking - Discussion on Amiga Networking
comp.sys.amiga.programmer - Discussion on Amiga Programming - Reviews of Amiga products - Disucssion of Technical Issues
comp.sys.amiga.uucp - Discussion on Amiga UUCP
comp.unix.amiga - Amiga UNIX discussion - Another Amiga CD32 discussion area

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