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About Cyberwlf's Amiga Domain:

I've visited almost every Amiga Web site I could and there were crap ones, there were informative ones, ones which just tried to sell me something, impressive looking ones, and so on and so forth. This web page doesn't intend to be a replacement for other people's web pages, but hopes to provide something YOU WANT TO come back to visit again and again. Out of all the sites I've visited very few I have ever visited again. I most frequently use (like alot of others) the Amiga Web Directory for the latest news and newest web pages, Aminet for the latest files, and AmiCrawler when I want to search something or looking for links which may not have made their way into the Amiga Web Directory.

I will have achieved my goal if you visit here even on a semi-regular basis. I will constanly be adding new web pages which I believe are of a intrest to a broad range of Amiga users and intrest YOU the reader. I will also be adding articles and other stuff written by me. The Web (World Wide Web) is an absolutely huge, almost limitless place and therefore it's easy to get lost and find yourself presented with hundreds, or thousands of links of which most really do bore you, hopefully this web page won't.

I personally detest Web pages which supposedly will review something when they are the support site for the product and dare to compare it against other products. I have no commercial links what-so-ever with any Amiga company and so have no motive for any promotion I may give to a product, or any comparisons I shall make. Click here to see some of the products I have reviewed and articles I have written. If I am ever invited to work for an Amiga-related company I will not review it or competing products to ensure I will not be biased. I hope you enjoy the reviews, and find them informative and helpful when considering purchasing a product, or maybe even inform you of a product you always wanted but never knew existed.

So sit back, enjoy, and to use an over used cliche, Surf the Net ;-). If you find any missing/dead links or have any comments about this page email me here about it. Send all flames to >NIL: as usual :).

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