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Veruca Salt Video Clips:

  1. Volcano Girls (2,360k/Quicktime)
  2. Shutterbug (2,304k/Quicktime)

Veruca Video Clips Via Other sites:

  1. Seether (live) (4,460k/Quicktime)
  2. Seether (practice) (4,621k/Quicktime)
  3. Stoneface (live) (5,481k/Quicktime)
  4. Volcano Girls (2,789k/Quicktime) - This video clip is not as good a quality as the one above

Biography on Veruca Salt:


New Years Eve - Nina Gordon was in search for someone to play with in a band. Louise Post and Nina Gordon meet, after being introduced by a mutual friend. After meeting they decided they were well matched musically, and decided to form a band. After practising songs they wrote at Louis's place, eight months later, they decided they needed more musicians in the band. From there they met up with Steve Lack through an advertisment in a local Chicago newspaper's classified section. After this, Nina's older brother, Jim (who chose to keep his family name as part of his stage name), joined the band as a drummer, (Jim actually taught Nina how to play guitar, as he was already very experienced with numerous musicial instruments already, even though in the past he had only done fills in as a drummer for other bands), and from there Veruca Salt was born.

From there they made up themselves a four song demo and after only three live performances were signed up with a Chicago Indie record label called Minty Fresh Records.


After much practice, in January of 1994, the quartet went into Brad Wood's Idful Studio to record their first record called American Thighs, which was shortly after picked up by the record label of Nirvana fame, Geffen Records. From this album would come the song "Seether" which basically in no time at all plunged them into popularity, first nationally, and then internationally quite shortly after, giving them their first hit which received alot of radio play.

From there the band toured throughout USA, Europe, Australia and the rest of the world, touring with acts including Hole, PJ Harvey, Hazel, and the Muffs.


After a year and a half of touring, the band met up in Chicago to record the four track EP, Blow It Out Your Ass It's Veruca Salt, two tracks of the EP being heavier tracks, while the other two being some what mellow in comparison. The EP was produced with the famous recording engineer Steve Albini.


After they had grown tired of touring, they decided to go back into the studios to write and record a new album, the one they stand most famous for to date, named Eight Arms To Hold You, produced by Metallica producer Bob Rock, on their new label, Outpost Recordings, a Geffen-affiliated label. The album was produced in only four months, in Hawaii, and had been mixed by Randy Staub from A&M Studios, in LA. On the 11th of February 1997, the 2nd long awaited album finally was released.

After the album was finished/released Nina's brother, Jim Shapiro, left Veruca Salt to persue a career in his own band, Ultra Swiss. Since joining the band it was realised he was never to stay as a permenant fixture, as he was essentially a song writer, and not just a drummer. From Jim's departure they auditioned numerous people from a short list of names to become their new drummer, and finally picked Stacy Jones, formerly from the band Letters To Cleo.


From here came the sad loss of Nina from the band, rumoured due to someone sleeping with someone else's boyfriend, but also possibly due to Nina's claim of wanting to persue her own solo career.


A new album? An album without Nina? Will it happen? Only time will tell. (Even though rumours claim a new album is in the works).

Profiles of the band members/ex-members:

Nina Gordon:

Louise Post:

Steve Lack:

Stacy Jones:

Jim Shapiro:

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