A Young Veruca Salt


Welcome to The Not So Innovative Veruca Salt Page. Although theres already numerous web sites out there with this stuff, basically none of them have been updated in ages, and I thought i would offer a site for fands of the band Veruca Salt which should be around for quite a while still.


The only factual news known about the band:

In about 1998 Nina left Veruca Salt, and the band had more or less broken up due to this. Despite their break up it has been reported a new album would still be possible, but just without Nina on it, and headed up by Louise. It is rumoured the next album will be called 'Veruca Salt, Veruca Salt' (songs on the upcoming album include "Fragile", "Wet Suit", "Yeah", "Man", and "Used To Know Her").

As well as this it is reported that both females of the band have gone about solo careers (even though one of them remains in the band). I am unaware of anything regarding Louise's solo career, but it is reported that despite a rough year Nina is currently working on her debut album with Metallica producer Bob Rock, and due for release in the US Spring this year.

Any further news about the band or their solo careers will be posted here. If you have any information which could be of use to this site please email me here.


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