Presenting the Next Generation of Computing, a new and innovative product, from the people who pioneered Multimedia, and who brought to the world the first Multitasking computer..... presenting the AmigaNG.

Coming out of the darkness, from an industry which has been stagnent of true innovation for some time now and has only brought about making things bigger and faster, is a new machine. A machine which brings about a completely innovative, well designed, easy to use, powerful tool. Something which proves you can deliver something totally original, without compromising on delivering the kind of power which is bigger and faster than the competition.

The AmigaNG represents the forefront of technology for the coming Digital Convergence age. Providing affordability, power, ease of use, compactness, reliability, and good design all into one well designed package. The AmigaNG being powered by the powerful, yet flexible, AmigaOE (Operating Environment). Unlike a basic Operating System such as the competition offers, this offers everything an Operating System could, and a whole lot more, on a level of configurability never seen before.

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