Welcome to the Australian ElectroTrip web site, a journey into electronic music.

Australian ElectroTrip is a Multimedia CD-ROM for the Windows and Macintosh platforms. A PentiumII or better PC is recommended for running it under Windows. And a PowerPC 604e or greater PowerMac for the Macintosh platform. Also the more ram you have the better. And a 24x speed or faster CD-ROM is desirable.

This CD-ROM offers information about Electronic music locally and abroad, interviews with industry people (including the editor of Sydney's premier Electronic music street publication, 3D World), interviews with electronic artists themselves. As well as that it also includes sound clips, pictures, and more from the artists covered.

After checking out this CD-ROM you can follow up your interest further by clicking on the Internet Web site links in the CD-ROM itself, or even explore some information about the scene by checking out the links on this site. If your intrested in getting your hands on a copy of this CD, at cost, then go to the Credits section.