Information on Electronic Music:

For centuries now music has been a part of society both in Australia, and around the world. Throughout history what has been composed/produced has changed, along with peoples listening habits. As we enter into a new millennium, we face yet more changes to what we have been used to listening to so far. One of the areas bound to exist well into the year 2000 and beyond is that of Electronic music, a genre of music originally created back in the 1970s with the likes of the German band Kraftwerk (at the same period various other genres of music were born including Hard Rock). For a lot of its history it remained part of the dominating sounds of the underground music scene, attracting everyone from the music enthusiasts to the more rebellious youth. But in the last almost 20 years now has seen a huge growth internationally in commercial/mainstream music markets, and in the last few years in the Australian market.

This CD-ROM celeberates the growth of the Electronic Music scene, and has a look at where things are today, with a peek into the future of Electronic music in Australia and overseas. The artists covered on this CD represent a cross-range of electronic musicians, but by no means gives you a proper taste of all you can find out there, in Australia, let alone internationally. If after getting this CD-ROM you wish to learn even more, you can pick up a local street publication on Electronic Music in your city (ie. 3D World, Revolver in Sydney, also Beat in Melbourne), or pick up national and international publications which cover it, including famous magazines like MixMag and Ministry. For even more information on this scene check out the links page!!