What is Amigaware?

         Amigaware is a new concept, as it has been invented by
         me. What Amigaware is, if you use this program alot,
         or any Amigaware program, you will either go out and
         buy an Amiga product, or instead sell off other non-Amiga
         computer equipment you own (and with the money maybe buy
         an Amiga product). This concept is very similar to
         freeware, as all benefits of this program do not go
         to me, but to you and other Amiga users. It also could
         be described as self-giftware. :-)

         How did this idea come about?
         It came about when I was sick of people selling up
         their Amiga's to port over to other lesser machines.
         So I decided hey, do something to support the Amiga,
         which will benefit ALL Amigans. As mentioned above
         Amigaware does NOT benefit me!, it benefits everyone.

         Well, How does anyone know Im a supporter?
         If you can send me in a receipt with proof of sale of
         a non-Amiga computer product, or Amiga product bought
         as a result of reading this then if you send me a
         disk with your address enclosed I will give you a free
         copy of the code of this program. I normally would
         charge for the code. Also when you send me your proof
         of purchase I will in my next Amigaware program
         include your name in a list of Amigaware supporters.

         Current Amigaware Titles:
         AQT (Amiga Quiz Tester) V1.1  - Questionaire program
         FastText 1.00 & 1.01          - Text Editor
         2U Business Guide             - Australian HSC Business
                                         Studies Study guide in
                                         AmigaGuide format
         3U Business Guide             - Australian HSC 3U Business
                                         Studies Study guide in
                                         AmigaGuide format
         2U English Guide              - Australian HSC 2U General
                                         English Study guide in
                                         AmigaGuide format

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